1840 war in Baltistan yargalfo ahmed shah maqboon and his members fights against Dogra and finally they reach with their relative lives in kharpocho.Enemies they are arrested by Dogra.Dogra comandar wazir zorawar sing Doing custody in kahmi.These situation are the saw by shahzada muha.,Gralfo ahmed shah and their families were calaboose in kashmir.Hussain ali start write the balti lyrics of story of kabalal.Diffrent people have ruled it from 7th century to 19 century.

Gilgit Baltistan became part of Pakistan

Yes its called the northern area of Pakistan.Peoples of GB desire to live with Pakistan in 1947.In East their is china and south on Azad Jamu kashmir according to united nation it became a part of kashmir but the people of GB denied