About us

Skardu.info our mission is to provide A Guiadline related all informations of skardu region.

Vision —To create a peaceful, sustainable and prosperous society.

Mission —To promote social media development at all stages of life through growth, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and application of knowledge, and provide a service that values sustainable, development of the youth  in a safe, positive environment so that they may become life-long learners and leaders in a digital, global community.


  “Peace, Knowledge, Wisdom…..” 
we are become a part of society we need changes.

Core Values

 Skardu.info is committed to uphold and promotes:

Excellence and quality in all its functions with careful management and ethical considerations.

Focus:          Keep your eye on the global world.

Integrity:      Do what’s right, just because it’s right —

Respect:      Be kind and supportive, to yourself and others —

Self-Determination: Know that hard work makes everything possible —

Team work: Collaborate with fellow scholars to achieve excellence and software development teams have a good experience in Graphic design Web development and SEO experts.