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Learn about Social Interaction

The interaction between two members or more then multiple members called social interaction.

How we Interact with others
via talking, listening, observing, evaluate and judge situation base to understand and for reaction.

We are interacting with every single man and with global world by internet, televisions, Radio etc.
We are learning from it and they are conveying their message to us by these ways.  
Why social interaction is necessary  

It’s very necessary for consistency for success full life. It’s a fundamental need to communicate with each other for make life easy.
Types of social interaction

  • Non verbal communication: By using your body moments called a kinesics.
  • Exchange: When people do something for each other with the express purpose of receiving a reward or return, they are involved in an exchange interaction. E.g. relationship of employee and employer, student and teacher, shopkeeper and consumer etc.

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