Security and monitoring for a rented car (fyp) Final year Project Research Base project


Our project Security Monitoring for Rented Car is for those peoples who give their cars on rent, and they are worried about the security of their car. We introduce such a device for them to locate their cars from home or office  with the help of cell phone. The user  go any where with in the car, the owner can handle his vehicle by his mobile and watch his every locations.

 Now a day the security of car has become a big problem in all the world. The problem of security is arise when when a develpoedtechnology is used. If we lost any valuable thing than the first thing that comes in our mind where our thing is in that moment.  This  solution can be come by the help of Global positioning system (GPS). We use alarms, and switches in that ways so we can save our cars by any theft. There are developed many kinds modules for security purpose but we  implement a latest technolog in that system and add all those functions in a single device which will more efficient and accurate in use. We implement the following functions in our project.

1. Real time Car tracking using GPS.

 2. Engine ON  or OFF through SMS using the GSM technology

3. Door Open Alert by Call/Sms

4. Voice Monitoring

5. Over Speed Alert  6. Geo Fence   Alert

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